I Am Rama: Unconventional guru tale that lacks punch


It’s important to remember something that seems to be overlooked here: a listener comes to any story about a New Age leader with a very healthy skepticism. They don’t expect to emerge as a convert. We want and expect to have our assumptions pummelled but, aside from a few tales of well-executed business plans, the building up of Lenz isn’t sufficient enough to make the taking down particularly satisfying.

Chameleon: High Rollers: BS and bravado in Sin City


If this podcast was turned into a movie, it would be a funny one; hapless bozos would abound launching get-rich-quick schemes and making ham-fisted attempts at money laundering. Yet, in reality, this is a shocking tale of mostly well-meaning idiots who get framed-up by the authorities as a dangerous criminal gang.

Power: The Maxwells: An extraordinary tale of risk and excess

Like the Epstein death, we’re left wondering whether or not Maxwell’s end was of his own doing. Was this the cowardly escape of a conman that simply couldn’t stick their punishment? Or the sinister execution of someone who knew too much? Of course, the other commonality is the high-profile escapee; the purring, cat-like figure of Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Missionary: A cautionary tale for would-be “white saviors”

These reporters also want to emphasize that Renee Bach, far from being an exception, is actually typical of the hoards of young, white, ambitious pre-college teens that flock to the African continent to indulge in a kind of competitive piousness.