The Grand Scheme: Snatching Sinatra: Like an evening in a bar with a friendly drunk


The entirety of The Grand Scheme is Keenan’s narration “complemented” by John Stamos commentary — and that’s it. No other witnesses. No accomplices. No cops describing their side of things. No reporters from the time reliving the story. Just two guys in a backyard shooting the shit.

Murdaugh Murders: Suspicion and intrigue in South Carolina


Of course, the Mudaugh case is fascinating to begin with, but what Matney brings to the table is expert knowledge — both of the case itself and also of good storytelling. She busts myths, introduces new and important details, carefully constructs and deconstructs scenarios and, critically, she’s does a brilliant job of familiarizing her listeners with the local politics and hierarchies of her part of South Carolina.

Through The Cracks: A sad and preventable loss

This is a beautiful elegy to Relisha. A promise that the misdeeds that (we can only assume) befell her did not happen in vain. She is present in every episode, reminding us that not all kids get the best start, but all of them deserve the utmost protection that we, as a society, can afford them.