Camp Hell Anneewakee: A raw tale of torture dressed as treatment


This astonishing 12-parter examines the horrific multi-decade abuse and corruption that took place at The Anneewakee Treatment Center for Emotionally Disturbed Youth in Douglasville, Georgia. It is impossible to ignore the power of such a devastating podcast — both in terms of catharsis for the many ex-pupils who testify on the record, and as a restatement of the lessons society should have learned, including the methods and motives of predators, so that such an abhorrence never occurs again.

The Trials of Frank Carson: Goliath vs. Goliath


Trial podcasts are tricky. To convey some kind of absolute truth sans partiality — to reflect opposing sides of the same story absolutely equally — is an unreasonable bar, and so consequently even the best ones can sound somewhat biased. But in this case, it really is hard not to feel like we’re only being told select details about the story due to the host’s barely concealed support for the protagonist, showman attorney Frank Carson.