Good Assassins: Hunting The Butcher: The interesting case of a justified killing


This is a podcast about two killers: Yaakov “Mio” Meidad, a highly accomplished operative working for the Israeli national intelligence agency, and Herbert Cukurs, aka “the Butcher of Latvia”, a savage and prolific Holocaust enforcer. But it is the former that takes on the role of chief protagonist — dare I say hero? — in Stephen Talty’s vivid retelling of Mio’s risky mission to exact vengeance on behalf of the Jewish People.

In God We Lust: Christian dynasties and double-standards


So, a pool boy, a throuple and a Christian university with a sexual voyeur in charge. Honestly, what else do you want? Okay, there are some pretty shady business ventures too, including a hostel in Miami bedecked in questionable art.

Stay Away From Matthew Magill: A story that starts with promise and ends with disconnection


To go with this story, you have to buy into the unconvincing and poorly elucidated premise that Mennel is somehow destined to become Magill. That he is on his way to being wholesale alienated from his direct family members. That the touchy-feely final episodes are the necessary medicine to avoid this fate.

Operation Midnight Climax: Undercover antics


A times this podcast is dark, but it is never anything short of fascinating. It’s a glimpse into the secret world of some of the most controversial methods ever used by the US government against — and without the knowledge of — its own citizens.

The Line: Moral dilemmas for the military


Eddie Gallagher is what’s you might politely term a “divisive character.” Depending on who you ask, they could call him a decorated military hero or a murderous thug. In The Line, Dan Taberski attempts to separate fact from fiction in Gallagher’s controversial war crime case — and revisit some of the morally loaded questions around acceptable wartime behavior.