Unraveled: The Stalker’s Web: A dark tale of pursuit and resilience

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Every now and then you hear a story that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Often, that’s because you’re learning of behaviors that just weren’t on your radar. Perhaps what most disturbs you is the unexpected peek at the depraved underbelly of the human psyche. That’s the feeling you’ll get from listening to Unraveled: The Stalker’s Web, the follow-up to the excellent Unraveled: Long Island Serial Killer.

Given this description, you might assume this is a six episode murderfest, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, no-one dies in this tightly told story but it still grips and horrifies in equal measure, while taking care to allow the victims to tell their own story in their own way.

The victims in this case are mostly women who fell prey to an aggressive and sick-minded cyberstalker who wreaked havoc with their lives over a period of decades in some cases. Innocent 90s-era internet chats over message boards and LiveJournal (remember that?!) quickly escalate into death threats and one man’s stop-at-nothing commitment to ruin the lives and prospects of the women in question.

Co-hosts Alexis Linkletter and Billy Jenson do an excellent job of giving this story shape and texture. They help frame the stories of the brave women involved without snatching them and running away. The pacing is perfect and, though the podcast is comparatively short, the tale is told exhaustively and the listener is easily able to get a sense of just how prolific this madman was.

But be warned, there is some alarming content. This isn’t a podcast for the fainted hearted. However, the descriptions of the stalker’s threats and actions never feel gratuitous.

There is actually something strangely anti-nostalgic about The Stalker’s Web. Its story is a reminder of a time when we were warned that the internet was a cloak of darkness under which people could hide or disguise themselves. Of course, that’s still sometimes the case, but mostly we’re bombarded by the close-up-and-personal details of others’ private lives from every corner of social media.

Nevertheless, messages about being careful and doing due diligence before oversharing with — or even speaking with — a stranger online still resonate. That and the overriding takeaway that you can never underestimate crazy….


2 thoughts on “Unraveled: The Stalker’s Web: A dark tale of pursuit and resilience

  1. This hack docudrama is 99% fictional and true garbage media
    amieveritas16 July 2021
    Unraveled Season 2 : “The Stalker’s Web” is mostly fictional, and it is delivered with the craftsmanship and mean spirited-ness of a 7th grade slam book. I did some research, and in only a few minutes I found that “Mother” spent 8.5 years in federal prison for trafficking in methamphetamine. I found (2) court cases against “Travis” for physical stalking in the State District Court of Federal Way, WA. Travis also claims that Mr. Hughes had “countless accounts” on specific hacking websites that did not in fact even exist for three to five years after 2002. The brother and sister have both had problems with the law. “Victim Rachel” still has old blog entries up where she laughs about feeding live cats to her pitbulls and calls the cats “munchies.” These people’s bizarre stories contradict each other. The “Mother” is completely delusional, she has a facebook page where she tells spun out meth hag stories claiming she has been secretly married to Lou Graham, the singer from Foreigner, for forty years! Is HE Jason’s real father? There was either no attempt by the huckster Billy Jensen (not a real investigator, at least in this case) to do any real research or the entire narrative is intended to be fictional. A quick look at Pacer shows that half the charges against Mr. Hughes were dismissed by a federal judge in 2020. None of the so called “victims” interviewed are party to any charges in this case, and all of their bizarre claims are 15 to as much as 20 years old. And what kind of lunatic cop says ARSON of a car and home is “Justified?” Det. Spencer Chow and the hosts dismiss the rule of law itself in calling this incredibly violent attack on Mr. Hughes and the two innocent WOMEN living in the house as “justified!” Neither the car or home firebombed actually belonged to Mr. Hughes. No one who declares murderous arson “justified” and apparently legal in the state of Texas (per Det. Chow) should be working in law enforcement in any capacity whatsoever. Alexis is insipid and nasty, like a cast reject from “Heathers”. Billy is an empty headed scarecrow and complete fraud as an investigator. This is amateur hour, and character assassination, and none of the so called “victims” offer anything but completely unsubstantiated hearsay. Do a little more research and you will find that this entire case actually centers on someone not ever mentioned – a Mr. Schlesinger who went on the internet by the pseudonym “stonemirror”, and he appears to have been harassing and stalking Mr. Hughes for 20 years, and impersonating him online and in electronic communications, with evidence of forged emails. Mr. Schlesinger makes public admission of publishing the alleged sexual photos years before the spurious claim from “Vanessa” that Mr. Hughes gave her these photos. They had long been published by Mr. Schlesinger, on neo-nazi and also phoronix linux community forums. And I found a doxbin these “victims” made with all of Mr. Hughes’ sensitive financial information, they put it all in a darkweb identity theft database, and published it on a tumblr owned by “Vanessa V.” along with her and Mr. Schlesinger’s long time friend Rachel “Haywire”, who is a well documented Satanist and wannabe neo-nazi internet celebrity. Also I found that “Vanessa V.” went bankrupt in 2020 with a brick and mortar store in Las Vegas that sold : serial killer memorabilia, real preserved human body parts and occult supplies for Satanic/Occult rituals. You are not getting 1% of the real story in this garbage podcast or its upcoming low budget streaming TV adaptation. This is a shameful excuse for journalism, investigation, and true crime podcasts. The audio of this podcast is also of the lowest possible quality, with loud terrible music and “radio morning crew” sound effects that are ridiculous and childish. UPDATE : Alexis Linkletter is now on the facebook friends list of Mr. Schlesinger aka “Stonemirror” who had admission on that facebook of publishing nude photos of Mr. Hughes and also has admission of direct involvement in the firebombing of the home Mr. Hughes lived in with two women. So, Alexis knows about Schlesinger and is in contact with him, but never once mentions him on the podcast….
    3 out of 4 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14236234/reviews?ref_=tt_ov_rt


    1. Hi, Jason!

      What do you think the judge is going to say about you leaving all of this smack all over the place like this when you’re not even supposed to be on the Internet?

      What happens when your bail is revoked and your bond is forfeited?

      You’ll be finding out, I suspect.


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