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Spy Affair: Espionage and Intrigue


It is a curious tale of a larger-than-life femme fatale who moves to the States from her native Russia to study, and is very soon heavily ingratiated with big wigs among the gun-toting, right-wing political crowd.

The Crisis: Assassination and environment


With The Crisis, the team at VICE does a really laudable job of carefully drawing their audience into a particular place and time, before zooming out to demonstrate the unfortunate ubiquity of corruption — and the lesser discussed damage wrought by fossil fuel industries.

The Sure Thing: Australia’s scam of the century


Just two young friends at a party, all cock-sure and doing-okay-thank-you-very-much, making a plan to scratch each other’s backs. To share a secret booty they can only acquire because they’re shrewd and successful (and dare I say privileged?).


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